There are many good reasons why window tinting new or old vehicles is one of the most popular auto upgrades. For starters, window tinting your vehicle adds great comfort and security, and your car’s value increases as well. Of course, expert installation and quality car window tinting is crucial for a professional tint job and maintaining that showroom look.

Let the expert technicians at Finishing Touch Auto Body install your window tinting film. We use computer-generated equipment to ensure the tinting film is trimmed precisely to its specifications. The quality of the tint film and attention to detail will give you the confidence that you’ve made the best choice in auto body shops.

Finishing Touch Basalt has been installing car window tinting for over 15 years and their technicians are happy to explain to you the many benefits that window tinting provides.

Here are just a few-

Solar Protection
We all know how hot it can get. By installing window tint you can reduce your cars interior temperature by as much as 29 degrees. Obviously this creates a much more comfortable drive and lessens the need for air conditioning… thus saving fuel costs.

Ultraviolet Protection
Ultraviolet (UV) rays have been proven to be dangerous to the car as well as to human beings. Window tinting forms a protective barrier that stops up to 99% of UV rays from entering the car, which keeps your car’s interior newer, last longer, and protects you and your passengers.

Additional Protection for Windscreens
If you want a cooler temperature inside the car, it all starts with the windshield. The windshield tinting especially offers an extra layer of protection from ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Protecting Your Valuables
We all know how fast a thief can steal and rob your valuables from your car. Some say that that it only takes 5 seconds are less to shatter your window and grab whatever they can. Don’t forget, security tinted film is the best defense against a “smash and grab” attack. Since it will hold broken glass together, the film will slow down any access to inside the car..

There are more reasons to have your windows tinted now…So why wait! The experts at Finishing Touch Auto Body will install the tint film quickly and cost effectively. By having professionals install the tint to all of your windows…you are ensured it is done right.

For lasting quality count on Finishing Touch,,,, they are experienced, only use the highest grade materials and are eco friendly…. So contact us now and learn more about making your car look and feel cool and protecting the inside of your investment.
Other services to consider is to have your headlights recondition to bring out all of the power and brightness and illuminate any potential night hazards or consider getting a full car detail where we go through your ride top to bottom and bring back the sparkle and shine inside and out. Easy to find right next to Big O right off Hy 82 in Basalt or give us a call anytime at 970 927 0000