1. Wash Vehicle – Our detailer will wash the outside of your vehicle so that all damage is visible. This will also provide a cleaner work environment for repairs.

2. Write Estimate – Our estimator will thoroughly examine your automobile and take pictures of all damages. The information will be put into our estimating system which provides a detailed estimate that will be emailed, faxed, or handed to you as a hard copy. We will ask for an authorization signature giving the Finishing Touch permission to repair your vehicle. The estimate will then be sent to your insurance company for their approval.

3. Order Parts – The parts needed for the repair will be ordered and shipped before you drop your vehicle off in order to minimize the time your car is in the shop. The Finishing Touch will be happy to set up a car rental service if needed.

4. Disassemble Vehicle – Once your vehicle is in the shop all damaged parts are removed and further inspected for internal damages. If there appears to be further damages a supplement will be written up for any extra parts that will be needed to complete the repair. Once the insurance company approves the supplement the parts are shipped out.

5. Frame Repair – Depending on the type of accident, your vehicle may be put on our frame rack and checked by our electronic laser measuring system. If your frame is not in manufactures specifications our technicians will make necessary repairs.

6. Body Repair – All reparable damage will be fixed with the latest body repair equipment. All major damaged panels will be replaced with new panels. All dent repairs and new panels are treated with antirust protection which, is recommended by your car’s manufacture

7. Painting – Your vehicle will be taken to the paint preparation station where all new panels and repair work will be primed and sanded to perfection. The painter will mix and match paint to the existing color of your vehicle. Next your automobile will be taken into the paint booth where it will be painted and baked at 160 degrees for forty-five minutes to properly cure the paint

8. Reassemble Vehicle – Once the painting process is complete your vehicle will be reassembled.

9. Check List – A 40 point inspection is preformed. This includes tasks such as checking all lights, power windows, power locks, etc. to ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition.

10. Final Detail – The Finishing Touch appreciates your business and takes pride in the workmanship that goes into every vehicle. That is why The Finishing Touch returns every vehicle with a complementary detail inside and out!