If unfortunately you are involved in a serious auto accident and your vehicle needs frame and structural repair, the expert technicians at Finishing Touch are committed to making your auto repair experience as hassle free as possible. With over 34 years of experience our highly trained customer care team will guide you through the entire repair process with ease. We are dedicated to providing the highest level body work and also good ole personal care that you expect from the family owned and operated The Finishing Touch Auto Body in Basalt .

If your vehicle does require frame and structural repair, the experts at Finishing Touch Auto Care only use state of the art electronic measuring systems to guarantee accuracy and precision. You trust us to bring your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specifications and we take that trust very seriously. Top of the line measuring equipment and over 34 years of quality professional repair experience ensure the safety, integrity, and performance of your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s frame is the structural backbone of the entire vehicle. Any damage to the frame that is not repaired properly will affect everything on your vehicle from safety to proper fit of sheet metal parts, and exterior panels. So, the proper repair of the frame is both a safety and aesthetic concern. With a straight frame the vehicles exterior panels and moldings may bend and buckle.

If your frame is tweaked our system will show imperfections to a millimeter. Also as important, our technicians will straighten your frame so that your vehicle has the strength to withstand another collision.

Now lets look at our unparalleled customer service – we deal with ALL insurance companies. We can make rental car arrangements with Enterprise if needed. We always clean the inside and outside of our customers cars after repairs are made and before the customer picks up their vehicle. All of the products that we use during the detailing process are environmental friendly. We take pride in detailing and our customers are always impressed how clean their car is when they pick it up

Fixing the frame of your vehicle is serious business, what is more important than the safety of your family. The team at Finishing Touch Auto Body stands by all of our work and always provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us now and schedule an appointment or stop and see us here in Basalt.

Please call 970 927 0000 for details.