Welcome to Finishing Touch Auto Body… in Basalt Colorado just outside of Aspen. Easily assessable and just off of Highway 82… a breeze to get to and dedicated to delivering the best quality, quickest service and most cost effective auto body repair in the area.
Since auto body repair shops have been operating, they have been known to utilize processes and conditions that can have a negative impact on our environment. Particularly, if done without the proper training and materials, processes, or equipment.

Our team of auto body experts are proud to announce that we are ‘going green’. As always, we will manage all of your auto body repair quickly and efficiently. But now, with the addition of an advanced filtering systems when we deliver your car back to you…your car will not only look brand new but we have all participated in helping to keep our air free of toxins and harmful chemicals. And here’s more really good news- No longer does being environmentally conscious (eco-friendly) mean you have to sacrifice quality and not have good paint coverage, durability and longevity.

Here is how we do it- We spend hours welding, sanding and preparing the body for paint. For us it’s an artform…and when we deliver your car back to you on time and on budget, you will be happy with the color density and tone. With careful precision your car will have a long-lasting, durable finish. And we only use..Standox paint imported from Germany.. the best in the business and at no added cost to you.
Our paint services and detailing guarantee you a factory paint color match. There will never be any sacrifice in color.. its vibrancy and freshness. But the team at Finishing Autobody are always looking for more ways to improve our services and provide the best auto body repairs. With new paints and equipment that are kinder to the air we breathe … we are determined to be the best in town and surpass your expectations.. every day!
Please call 970 927 0000 for details