Is there anything more important for the safety of your family than fully functioning and strong headlights? You must be 100% confident that as night approaches, your head lights will guide you through the most treacherous weather as well as a clear but dark night.

Let the experts at Finishing Touch Autobody inspect your headlights and be sure that they are working at their highest capacity. Family owned and here in the Basalt area for over 3 decades, the owners and technicians at Finishing Touch Autobody Shop are always looking out for your safety first.

Reconditioning your headlights is a service that is fast and always cost effective. If you have an older vehicle, your plastic headlamp lenses can become cloudy, yellow colored or even faded., While most manufacturers have switched to stronger and more reliable anti-UV coatings, drivers of these older cars are faced with headlights that are not safe if they are cloudy, because the lamps are absorbing the light instead of passing it through.

The cloudiness moves from the exterior surface and spreads inward. In the intense sun here in the Aspen area, the damage is easily seen within a few years of purchasing a new car.

There are two issues that any concerned technician will be concerned with. Not only are scratched and cloudy headlight covers a safety hazard … they are also a blemish on your vehicle. The good news is that this damage is very common and very fixable.

The expert technicians at Finishing Touch Autobody can bring the shine back to your headlights by sanding and polishing the outer layer of plastic, restoring the brightness so you can drive safely. It is not a time consuming job nor expensive.

After many years of adjusting, fixing, replacing and cleaning headlights…you can count on their technicians to get it right. Call Finishing Touch Autobody today at (970) 927 0000 and find out more about reconditioning your headlights. Your family and the wildlife you miss will be glad you did.

Other services to consider a full car detail where we go through your ride top to bottom and bring back the sparkle and shine inside and out. Easy to find right next to Jacuzzi Julie’s Giant Duck right off Hwy 82 in Basalt or give us a call anytime at 970 927 0000