You hear the sound of a rock hitting the windshield as you are driving down the highway. You see the impact mark and experience tells you that you are going to get a crack and depending where the crack goes you might be looking at a total windshield replacement.

Today unlike in the past they have special glass repair tools available to auto professionals like Finishing Touch Auto Body that can save the windshield if they get it before it starts to spider… so you will be doing yourself a big favor if you get it looked at fast. Call now and setup up a time or just stop in . The experts at Finishing Touch Autobody! With 34 years of auto body repair service experience, are there to help you in a guaranteed hassle-free environment.

The technician will look at the damaged windshield or glass immediately, and they can advise you on your choices and the best course of action that they would recommend in order to fix the problem. Many times If you attend to it quickly, they might be able to do the repair right then, saving you money and the worry of the crack expanding later. Again, Why pay for a total replacement if they can take care of it for you now. Why pay more later?

And while they have your car, consider having them clean your headlight lens… they might be getting cloudy and are allowing less light out for night driving. They have a special professional grade compound that brings back the visibility and brightness of the headlight! They also have a professional auto detailing service that will bring back to life the sparkle and luster to your ride inside and out.

Finishing Touch Auto Body, easy to find right off Highway 82 next to the Big O Tires in Basalt. For all auto glass replacement and repairs, you only need one number 970-927-0000 for cost effective, reliable and stress-free auto repair. The team at Finishing Touch Auto body look forward to serving you!